“Our primary connection to life is through our own Interiority” – Jon Zabat-Zin

On Interiority

We are always in a place. Interior spaces are not only inhabited, they also inhabit the people living in the spaces. The house becomes a setting for an interior life, where a person could construct an inner self. Essentially, the home identifies with the self. Places are absorbed in everyday life into our identity. They become part of one’s own consciousness. As Ingraham elaborates, the interior of the house comes to stand as a metaphor for the inner life of the human. As such, it takes over in some sense “the space of interiority that the human psyche claims for itself when it leaves the surrogate interior of the house”. There are direct, but complex connections to be made between the environments in which we live or work, and the life of our inner being – both influence each other at the levels of perception of possibility and limitation of action. Three figures interplay in these relations: the exterior, the interior and Interiority.

Home Interiority – a transformative concept, dependent on psychological and social needs of our clients. From a Feng shui perspective, colors used in our living space affect us physically, emotionally and psychologically. We offer suggestions on how to use color  and learn how to sense the energy of a space.c114f92b7c9f9a80d6bb19a804110510

Interiority about new “sensitive” house. A place which is return to yourself.  We guide innovative technology, materials, design and  solutions for comfort living.

Our goal to create a space you can come into, be in, and look out from. A place for your living, your memories and your imaginations.

We are working  in a different ways of Modern Design and Home Staging as:

  • Modern Contemporary
  • Minimalistic Contemporary
  • Urban & Industrial Design
  • Scandinavian Design


Welcome letter!


My name is Masha Melnik. I am a professional Decorator and HSR Certified Proffessional Home Stager.
My goal is to bring joy and comfort to the space, and the life of people who will live in it. I use the skills and experience in Revit, 3D MAX Design, Illustrator and Photoshop.
I create individual designs, custom photography art and photo murals. You can find my photography works at  Artistic but very attention to details.

Quality rather than quantity guides me in selecting materials, fittings, furniture and artwork. Good quality materials and workmanship give longevity and aesthetic appeal, and save time, energy and cost in the long run.noterdamparismurallogo

Beauty is always my prime goal…for its ability to ease the mind, lift the spirit, and for the pure, lasting pleasure it brings.
My clients are always protected confidential. I appreciate professional appearance and work ethic.

How I Work

Probably the most important time I spend with you takes place in the beginning when we work together to identify your unique style and needs.

That way, your project turns out the way you want.

I am trying to use a face-to-face meetings to discuss a client’s individual style.

That way, we stay on point from start to finish. Instead we are working online.

My simple, but very strategic process ensures that the right decisions are made the first time. Whether your style is contemporary, eclectic, transitional or a combination of several styles, the meetings will give us a clear picture of your personality and lifestyle that we can reflect that same feeling in your home.

We using a strategic list of targeted questions (it’s a short list, but it gives us the initial insight we need to see if we’re a match.
Review of magazine clippings and/or online bookmarks that represent your design taste and style. I ask you to collect and compile images that appeal to you and identify your color likes and dislikes, fabric and furnishing preferences. Again, more lasting material to keep things focused.

A personalized “Mood Board” is created that ties all the data and information together.


This ensures that both of us are on the same “design page”. It doesn’t mean you can’t change or add to the plan, but it gives us a common foundation for our decision making.

If you are about to undertake the design of a new apartment or a Home Staging

Please give me a call at + 1 (305) 767 04 30 or send me email : melnik.deco@gmail.



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